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Sufi tale

Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 6

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To khaasa ze maa baash ke maa niz toraa aa段m
Dar har do jahaan maqsad o maqsud-e-to maa段m

You are special to me and I am also there for you.
I am your goal and your final destination in the two worlds.

Gar yak qadam az kuye talab suye man aa段
Maa sad qadam az raah-e-karam pish-e-to aa段m

In case you take but a single step towards Me in your search,
I will take a hundred steps out of kindness towards you.

Maa ganj-e-nehaanim o to meftaah-e-fotuhi
Ham az to baraaye to dar-e-ganj koshaa段m

I am a hidden treasure and you have the key to open it,
So that for you alone I can open the door to the treasure.

Maa bar sefat-e-khish toraa jelwa namudaim
Taa ze aayena-e-zaat-e-to khud raa benamaa段m

I have shown My splendour through My personal qualities,
So that in the mirror of your own soul I manifest Myself.

Chun zang-e-gel az aayena-e-del bezdinad (?)
Jaan na池a bar aaward ke maa nur-e-khodaa段m

When the rust of your earthly existence is removed from the mirror of your heart,
Your soul cries out: 選 am the light of God!

Joz nur-e-jamaal-e-to dar aayena che taabad
Aan dam ke ghobar az rokh-e-aayena zedaa段m

What other light of beauty than Yours can shine in this mirror,
When the dust is cleaned from the surface of the mirror?

To bahr-e-qedam budi o maa shabnam-e-emkaan
Maa baa to chonaanim ke gu段 hama maa段m

You are the eternal sea and I am but temporal dew.
You and I are like this that You can say: 選 am all!

Dar 疎alam-e-tawhid na yaarim na aghyaar
Aan lahza ke az parda-e- hasti badar aa段m

In the realm of unity there is neither friend nor foe,
At that moment when I come out of the veil of existence.

Az shash jehat-e-kawn gozasht mo段ni
Az jaa chu bordnaim che gu段m kojaa段m

Mo段n has passed beyond the six directions of the world,
But what can I say about the place to which I致e been taken and where I am?


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