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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 5

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Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo'in
(Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna):


Ghazal 5

Maa talabgaar-e-to aim o to gorezani ze maa
Maa basuyat moqbal o to ruye gardaani ze maa

I'm seeking you out, but you're running away from Me,
I'm looking towards you, but you're turning away your face from Me.

Maa berun az shash jehat waz sad jehat juyaan to
Chand khud raa har taraf mashghul gardaani ze maa

I'm beyond the six directions, but you are seeking Me everywhere.
How long will you keep yourself occupied thus by turning away from Me?

Har kojaa khwaahi shodan baa maa to ham ai bikhabar
Maa namimaanim az to gar to'i maani ze maa

O, ignorant one, you are seeking Me to be with Me,
But I'll not forsake you, so abide with Me.

Maa chu bahr o to chu abri baar-e-maa kash gham makhur
Baagh raa khandaan koni gar chand geryaani ze maa

I'm the ocean and you are the cloud which has arisen from it. Don't be
You make the garden bloom with your tears because of Me.

Goftamash taa chand dar parda nehaan khwaahi shodan
Waqt aan aamad ke digar ru napushaani ze maa

I asked Him: How long will You remain hidden behind the veil?
Has not the time come to reveal Yourself to me?'

Goft man bi pardah am gar pardah bini aan to'i
Taa to hasti dar hazaaraan pardah penhaani ze maa

He answered: I am not veiled. It is your existence, which creates a veil.
As long as you exist you'll be concealed by a thousand veils from Me'.

Chun to'i pishat haqiqi chand naam in o aan
In wojud-e-aarezi baashad ke besetaani ze maa

How can you be admitted to God's presence by reciting this or that name?
It is your temporal existence which is separating you from Me'.

Gofta cheshtam ze meraati ke zaaher shod Mo'in
Man che guyam kaz ke shod chun khud hamidaani ze maa

It was asked:
'What is it, O Mo'in, that has been revealed to you in the mirror?'
I answered:
'Why do You ask, when You know Yourself what has been shown to me?'

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