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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 23

Delaa ba-chashm-e-haqiqat jamaal-e-dust be-bin
Ze mazhar-e-hama ashyaa’ zohur-e-ust be-bin

O my heart, look at the beauty of the Friend with eyes seeing reality!
Observe His presence manifested in everything!

Delaa to hosn-e-khodaa dida ghalat na koni
Ke dar jamaal-e-botaan jelwagar hama ust be-bin

O my heart, you’ve not erred when seeing the beauty of God:
Observe the splendour of ‘all is He’ in the beauty of each beloved!

Maraa ze didan-e-saaqist masti ay hoshyaar
Na mastiyam ze sharaab-e-khom o sabust be-bin

O sober one, seeing the Saqi has caused my intoxication.
Observe this pitcher! I am not drunk because of wine from this jar.

Ba-gush zaaher o baaten hadis-e-‘eshq sheno
Ba chasm surat o ma’ni jamaal-e-dust be-bin

Listen to the tale of love with both your outward and your inward ears!
Observe with your eyes both the appearance
and the real meaning of the beauty of the Friend!

Lab az hadis foru band gush-e-jaan be-koshaa
Dorun-e-pardah-e-del in-che goftgu-st be-bin

Stop telling tales with your lips and open the ears of your soul!
Observe the conversation, which is taking place behind the curtain of your heart.

Magar to da’wi-ye-‘eshq-ash hami koni shaabaash
To faaregh az talab o u ba-jost o ju-st be-bin

It is excellent if your claim that you are in love with Him is true.
Observe that then you are free from your quest and He of looking for you!

Ba-maghz-e-jaan-e-mo’ini nehaan shoda ast kasi
Chonaan ke jaan-e-man andar darun-e-post be-bin

Someone is hidden in the very core of the soul of Mo’in.
Observe that it is just like my soul being hidden under my skin!