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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 21

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Delaa chu mahram-e-aan delbar-e-yagaana toi
Qaza chu tir-e-balaa mi-zanad neshaana toi

O heart, fate has made you the target of the arrows of affliction,
Because youve become a confidant of that unique Beloved: You!

Degar foruzad kaanun-e-eshq aatesh-e-shawq
Sharaara ke be-rizad az aan zabaana toi

A fire full of longing blazes forth from the fire-place of love.
Spark are flying out because of that flame of You.

Tan-am chu daaera o noqta dar miyaana del-am
Del-am chu daaera o noqta dar miyaana toi

My body is like a circle and my heart is the core in its centre.
My heart is like a circle and the core in its centre is You.

Be-goftam az che bahaana to dar hejaabi goft
Wojud-e-tost hejaab-e-man o bahaana toi

I asked: What is the reason that You are hidden behind a veil?
He answered: My veil is your existence and that is why I am hidden for you.

Homaa-ye-eshq ba-daam-e-hodus kay gonjad
Chu morgh-e-khaanagi dar qaid aab o daana toi

How can the Homa bird of love remain ensnared in the net of worldly existence,
Like a tame bird which stays in a cage with water and food provided by You?

Chu halqa montazeri bar dar o nami-daano
Ke taaleb-e-khudi o dar darun-e-khaana toi

Youve knocked at the door, youre waiting outside and youre unaware,
That youre searching for yourself, while in the house of your heart is the real you.

Moin bar aai ba-membar be-gui nokta-ye-eshq
Ke bolbol-e-chaman-e-eshq dar zamaana toi

Come in, Moin and disclose from the pulpit the subtle points of love,
Because the nightingale in the garden of love is nobody but you.

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