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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 2

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Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo'in
(Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna):


Ghazal 2

Chu man az hastiye-khod dur baasham
Ba-khod ham naazer o manzur baasham

As I am far from a selfish existence,
I am myself both the observer and the observed.

Chu jaam o baada o saaqi mohaiyast
Rawaa baashad ke man makhmur baasham

As the cup, the wine and the wine-poorer are available,
It is only proper that I am drunk.

Ze jaam-e-wahdatam yak jor'a bakhsh
Ke dar daar-e fanaa' mansur baasham

Give me one draught from the cup of union,
So that I am a Mansur on the gibbet of extinction.

Az aan jaami ke chun serr-e anaa'l-haqq
Bar aayad bar zabaan ma'zur baasham

From that cup the secret of I am the Truth'
Comes unbidden out of my mouth.

Ze taab-e-aks-e-khurshid-e- haqiqat
Chu zarra mazhar-e-aan nur baasham

Because of the light reflected from the sun of the Truth
I am a particle of dust made manifest by that light.

Nadaarad taab nuram cheshm-e-khoffaash
Hamaan behtar ke man mastur baasham

The eyes of the bat cannot see my light,
Thus it is better if I remain hidden.

Ze shahr-e-eshq miaayad mo'ini
Ajab nabovad agar mashhur baasham

Mo'ini has returned from the city of love,
Thus it is no wonder that I have become famous.

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