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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 18

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Ze pish-e-khish bar afgan neqab-e-dawaa raa
Be-bin ba-keswat-e-surat jamaal-e-manaa raa

Remove from your self the veil of pretension
And youll see the beauty of the spiritual meaning in outward forms.

Be-zan ba-sang-e-malaamat zojaaja-ye-naamus
Ba-ku-ye-eshq be-riz aabru-ye-taqwaa raa

Smash the glass of worldly fame with the stone of the path of blame;
Shatter the respect attached to piety by following the path of love.

Chu hasht bagh-e-janaan khusha-e-ze kherman-e-maast
Ba-nim jaw na-kharam kesht-e-zaar-e-doniyaa raa

Because I can pick a bunch of grapes in the garden of the eighth heaven,
Not even for half a grain of barley Ill buy the harvest of this abject world.

Ba-haqq-e-u ke ba-kunayn chashm na-koshaayam
Ke taa nokhost na-binam jamaal-e-mawlaa raa

By God, Ill not cast a glance at the two worlds,
Until at first Ill be enabled to see the beauty of the Friend.

Ze barg barg-e-derakht-e-wojud khush-shenudam
Romuz-e-eshq ke goft aan derakht musa raa

From every leaf of the tree of existence Ive joyfully heard
The secrets of love, which that bush revealed to Moses.

Agar ze aatesh-e-eshqat be-sukhtam che ajab
Ke kuh taab na-yaaward yak tajalli raa

It is not strange that the fire of Your love has consumed me,
Because the mountain could not withstand the splendour of one single manifestation thereof.

Moin ba-chashm-e-kherad hosn-e-dost na-nomaayad
Be-bin ba-dida-ye-majnun jamaal-e-laylaa raa

Moin, dont judge the beauty of the Friend with the eyes of the intellect:
Look at the beauty of Layla with the eyes of Majnun!

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