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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 16

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Man sharaab-e-‘eshq raa paymaana am ay ‘aasheqaan
Aan pari raa didam o diwaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

O, lovers! I am like a goblet fit for the wine of love.
O, lovers! I’ve seen that fairy and now I am intoxicated.

Zaan fosun kaan lab ba-gusham khaand dar ruz-e-azal
Dar zabaanhaa taa abad aafsaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

Because of the fascinating recitation in my ears during pre-eternity,
My tale will be told in every language till post-eternity, O, lovers!

Goftamash ba-namaai rukh goftaa ke didaar-e-maraa
Dida baayad war na man penhaan na am ay ‘aasheqaan

I asked Him to reveal His face; He replied: ‘In order to see Me
You need vision, otherwise I am hidden and not there, O, lovers!’

Man chu hosn-e-botgar andar chehra-ye-bot didam
Ba’d az in sar bar dar-e-botkhaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

I’ve seen the beauty of the Beloved in the face of beautiful damsels:
I’m now bowing my head at the threshold of the idol-temple, O lovers!

Jazba-ye-nur-e-jamaalash mikashad suye khudam
Gu’yaa u sham’ o man parwaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

The attraction of the light of His Beauty draws me towards itself,
As if He is the candle and I am the moth, O lovers!

Andarin kaashaana-ye-wiraana kay manzel konam
Man ke baa shaah-e-jahaan ham khaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

How can I create my resting place in this desolate world?
I’m already staying in the very house of the King of the world, O lovers?

Baa del-e-eshekasta goftam to kojaa o u kojaa
Goft u ganj-ast o man wiraana am ay ‘aasheqaan

I asked my broken heart: ‘What are you like and what is He like?’
It answered: ‘He is like a treasure house and I am like a ruin!’ O lovers.

Tan chu bahr o del sadaf delbar chu dor pendaashtam
Nay ke u bahr ast o man dor-daana am ay ‘aasheqaan

I used to see my body like the ocean,
my heart like an oyster and the Beloved like a pearl;
But no: He is the ocean and I am a single pearl, O lovers!

Taa tanam del gasht o del jaan gasht o jaan jaanaana shod
Nay tanam nay del na jaan jaanaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

Since my body has been transformed into a heart,
my heart into a soul and my soul into the Beloved,
I am neither my body, nor my heart, nor my soul:
I am one with the Beloved, O lovers!

Gar miyaan-e-maa wa saaqi sad hazaaraan parda ast
Midaraanad na’ra-ye-mastaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

Even though there may be countless veils between me and the cup-bearer,
I’ll tear them all apart with my intoxicated cry, O lovers!

Taa mo’in gasht aashnaa baa yaar-e-khud ay dustaan
Man degar andar miyaan begaana am ay ‘aasheqaan

O friends, ever since Mo’in has become enamoured of his Beloved
I have become a stranger to others in this relationship, O lovers!

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