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Sufi Poetry

Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 13

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DiwaanMan namiguyam anal haqq yaar miguyad begu
Chun naguyam chun maraa deldaar miguyad begu.

It is not me who said I am the Truth; the Friend forced me to say it.
How can I not say it when the Beloved has asked me to say it?

Har che migofti be-man har baar migofti magu
Man namidaanam cheraa in baar miguyad begu

You used to tell me never to disclose what You have revealed to me.
I dont understand why You ask me this time to disclose it openly.

Aanche natawaan goftan andar sawmaa baa zaahedaan
Bi tahaashi bar sar-e-bazaar miguyad begu

Those mysteries which could not be spoken about to the inmates of the hermitage,
I am now asked to disclose them openly in the market place.

Serr-e-mansuri nehaan kardan na hadd chun man ast
Chun konam ham rismaan ham daar miguyad begu

It is beyond my powers to hide the secret of Mansur al-Hallaj
Because I am now asked to tell about the noose and the gallows.

Goftamash raazi ke daaram baa ke guyam dar jahaan
Nist mahram baa dar o diwaar miguyad begu

I said to Him that I hold a secret and I cannot share it with anyone in the world.
He said that it is not forbidden to disclose it to everyone.

Aatesh-e-eshq az derakht-e-jaan-e-man barzad alam
Har che baa musaa begoft aan yaar miguyad begu

The fire of love has blazed forth from the tree of my soul like a sign:
The Friend has now asked me to disclose all that has likewise been revealed to Mozes.

Goftamash man chun nayam dar man be-har dam midami
Man na-khaaham goftan in asraar miguyad begu

I said to Him that, because I do not exist, with every breath You are breathing within me.
I do not want to disclose this secret, but He has now asked me to do so.

Ay sabaa gar porsedat kaz maa che miguyad moin
In dui raa az miyaan bar daar miguyad begu

O, morning breeze, if someone asks you what Moin has to tell about Me,
Disclose to him that he has said: Free yourself of all duality!

Chishti poetry: Ghazal 13.