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Diwaan-e-Mo'in: Ghazal 10

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Toraa mikhaaham ay delbar ke binam
Toi maqsud-e-man dar har ke binam

O Beloved! It is You I wish to see.
I desire only You in all that I see.

Maraa chasm az baraaye didan-e-tost
To rokh na-nomaayaim pas-e-dar ke binam

My eyes are only there in order to see You.
If You dont show Your face to me, what else can I see?

Jamaal-e-saaqi-ye-man minomaayad
Be-meraat-e-mai o saaghar ke binam

The beauty of my cupbearer appears everywhere:
In the mirror of the wine, in the goblet and in all that I see.

Chonaanat dida am az dida-ye-del
Ke na-shenaasam be-chasm-e-sar ke binam

That manifestation of You which Ive seen with the eyes of my heart,
Cannot be understood by the eyes of my head, with which I also see.

Hazaaraan dar ze del suyat koshaad-ast
Toraa mibinam az har dar ke binam

There are thousands of doors in my heart, which open towards You,
But from whichever door I look, it is only You Whom I see.

Rokhat gar binim warna bemiram
Chu khaaham mordaan aan behtar ke binam

I either have to see Your face or else I should die,
It is however better to die, than it is to see.

Moin emruz mikhaahad wesaalash
Nadaarad sabr taa mahshar ke binam

Moin impatiently longs to be united with you today.
He doesnt want to wait till the Day of Judgment in order to see.

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